If you are driving to meet us, we understand you may have questions about what to bring.  Here are some ideas:

  • You should bring a car-seat for your puppy, preferably one that tethers to the dog's collar for safety, and a car seat that can lock in place with it's own tether system or to the seat belt.  Some of these carriers are boosted so the dog can see out.  Any style you choose is okay, it's suggested for safety.

           Some recommend the PupSaver.  You can check it out here 

  • You will also need a collar or Harness,
  • Leash
  • Water
  • Bowl to offer water (collapsible is handy when flying)
  • Towels or baby wipes 

If you're flying to meet us, you may wish to bring the same items as above in addition to:

  • Potty Pads
  • Very small treats (to bribe good behavior on the plane)
  • Airline Approved Pet Carrier
  • Small blanket (for the dog to rest on at the airport, since airports are full of germs!) or, could use a potty pad for this

The dog is permitted outside the carrier inside the airport, including at the gate, but must remain on a leash.  It's healthier if you carry your puppy at this point because there are so many germs inside an airport! 

Going through the Security in the Airport 

you must carry your dog through with you

and leave the carrier on the belt to be scanned

(we were not permitted to photograph anymore until our security check was complete)

She fit very well in her carrier (which isn't manufactured anymore).

​Her carrier also fit very nice under the seat in front of me on the plane.

We now recommend Gen7Pets Carry-Me Pet Carrier, 

because it's soft-sided (so flexible to squeeze under any seat) and durable.

The Gen7Pets carrier can be placed upright or sideways to allow more room

if the puppy wants to lay down and stretch out in flight.

​See the produce here:                                  .

We had very short flights connecting with one stop in between.

Denver was our stop and our terminal was SO COLD!!

At one point we even bought a sweater for puppy because we were freezing!


Our girl did very well experiencing new toys and interacting with us.

My daughter walked her just before our flight, to get her nice and tired.

Most airports have potty areas if your pet needs relief while inside

the terminal.  Some are located outdoors. 

Please ask if you need assistance locating a pet relief area.

Once at the gate, we had plenty of time before our flight to return home.

We decided to set up a space place for our puppy to

lay, play, snack, and get to know us better

(food & possibly water are not recommended if a long flight is ahead).

We had toys, treats, water, food, blankets, potty pads, and even a ball!

Our puppy just met us and we wanted her to be extremely comfortable.

When we met our Coton De Tulear for the first time at the Airport Curbside

We'll take all the photos you will send us!  We love updates!!

Ready to Pick up your Puppy?

It is our policy that you pick up your puppy from us. 
This allows you the opportunity to meet us,
​our dogs, your puppy's parents,
and any possible siblings.

It is our desire that you are completely comfortable with us, as your dog's breeder,

because this is the start of a lifelong friendship. 

You will forever be part of our extended family.

Welcome to our Puppy-Family!

Once we reached our destination, our car seat was already set up in our vehicle and we were ready to go home!

A few items worth mentioning...

Check with your Airline before booking your flight about pet travel.

Flights are limited to the number of pets traveling on board, 

so be sure there's room for you and your puppy to get home!

Also airlines have new restrictions, so it's always safe to double-check!

Ask your airline if they require a Health Certificate,

please let us know if you need one because we need to request this

from our veterinarian before you leave with your puppy.

Federal Airline Regulations require your puppy to remain inside the carrier from the moment you're leaving the gate entering the jet-bridge,
while on the plane, exiting the jet-bridge,
and your puppy may exit the carrier once in your arrival gate. 

When not in the carrier, please keep your puppy on a leash at all times.

I also recommend telling people "No" when asked if they can pet your puppy.

Your puppy should have at least one vaccine but is not fully vaccinated against illnesses, like the Parvo-virus, a virus that has taken many puppies over the Rainbow Bridge.  It only takes the wrong person to pet your puppy to cause your puppy a very uncomfortable illness.  It's easier to say "No" than it is to treat Parvo-virus.  If you see any vomiting or diarrhea, contact your veterinarian immediately.  When it comes to an illness like Parvo-virus, the sooner you seek treatment, the better the outcome may be! 
​None of the puppies leaving my home have become ill, ever. 
I'm hoping to keep it that way!!

Please ask if you have any Questions.

We couldn't wait to get our puppy home and we're sure you're excited about this journey!  We look forward to meeting you and hope you can visit awhile to get to know us better.  See you soon!

Forgive her bare feet, she'd been wearing heels all day and airports have a lot of walking, lesson learned for her that day!

Once we were ready to board the plane the puppy had to go back in her carrier, where she'll remain until we exit the plane at our next destination.